Doorlinken voorraad

 Hexon offers its extensive network of links to both software vendors and end users (dealers) under the heading "Doorlinken Voorraad" (Dutch for "Linking stock"). New or used stock inventory is interpreted by the system and consequently send to all desired automotive portals. As a result it's is no longer necessary to manually insert individual inventory at separate locations.

Doorlinken Voorraad for software suppliers

Suppliers of stock management applications and dealer management systems can integrate Doorlinken Voorraad in their software, which will provide a seamless cooperation between the two systems. Using this possibility, users can easily advertise on the internet without having to develop and maintain links to portals themselves.

Listed below you will find a list of a number of suppliers who have integrated Doorlinken Voorraad in their system.

Doorlinken Voorraad for end users

Doorlinken Voorraad is also available for customers who have built their own stock management application. Adverts can be managed from within the native application without losing any flexibility. Furthermore there is a possibility of an automated stock feed to the company website.

Listed below is a short list of some of the companies who have integrated Doorlinken Voorraad in their system.

Control mechanism (feedback)

One of the most unique features of Doorlinken Voorraad is its control mechanism. Every vehicle that enters and leaves our system undergoes a number of conversions and control steps. This allows the user to monitor the actual state of his advertisements on the internet.


A list of currently available links can be found here.

More information

If you require more information, please contact Wouter Ewalds or Roel van Os, 024 - 350 00 85.